About 5G Solution

Most reliable simple Finance Business Intelligence solution

Parses data and produces key financial data groups and ratios that help managers to make better decisions. It allows both individuals and businesses to connect to, model, and visualize data using a scalable platform. Used to report, organize, filter, and display data.

About 5g Application

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  • Upload data
  • Map the Master Data
  • Publish the Dashboard
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  • Log in to the application

Upload data

  • Navigate to the Upload Tab
  • Download the 5G template
  • Generate the Trial balance report for the reporting month from the source application Copy the Account, Account description, opening balance, debit, credit, ending balance Paste the copied data on the downloaded 5G template
  • Upload the filled in 5G Template in the reporting period in the 5G application

Map the Master Data

  • Navigate to the Mapping Tab
  • Navigate to each Account Group and complete the map data activity

Publish the Dashboard

Navigate to the Dashboard Tab
View and share the visualization in the cloud


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